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Production process

Our production system aims at offering the best quality with continuity and dependability.  As a result, the whole production process has been carefully organized and periodically verified according to the strictest  regulations and certifications. Every step is  carried out by specialists in both operative and hygienic sanitary aspects.

1 – Diligent Selection of Pork 

In order to have the best control and freshness of the meat, we keep the supply chain as short as possible and we procure directly from the best Italian and European slaughterhouses, without intermediate suppliers.

As the raw meat arrives, every single piece is examined and accepted only if free of defects and if instrumental analysis shows positive results. 

Pork is then further selected for the size and characteristics of each piece to be routed to the proper processing.

2 – Deboning and trimming

Deboning of coppa and precise trimming of guanciale, coppa and pancetta are executed with care and precision by experienced personnel, according to the characteristics of the final product to be obtained.

3 – Dry-Curing Process

Fresh meat is then dry-cured with a magnificent blend of sea salt and natural spices. Blends are not ready-to-use industrial mixtures, but they are prepared by our experts adding one ingredient after another according to our recipes, calibrated by tradition and expertise.

The salt curing process has the double function of developing the natural preservation and of releasing the distinctive aroma of the blend itself.

4 – Encasing and Tying

Coppa, Lonzino and Pancetta are held into a protetctive casing and tied up in different ways, by hand or by state of the art machinery, according to the desired final product, for a perfect shape.

5 – Refined Maturation

Products mature within the fresh air upon the hills of Serramazzoni, Emilia Romagna, the location having been carefully chosen by the founder Mr. Bruno Manzini . Besides, every single room of the plant is supervised by a central climate control system in order to assure the best temperature and humidity for a perfect result.

Moreover, all the maturing meats are checked several times a day by our internal experts who are applying the most traditional and experienced methodology:  touching  the softness of the meat with their hands, smelling its maturity with their noses and watching its colour with their eyes.

The same process has been carried over to our second plant in Casina (RE), on the hills of Reggio Emilia.

6 – Packaging

Products are finally sent to the white room for the final packing before the delivery. The white room maintains the precise temperature, humidity and air purity for keeping the best quality of Fratelli Manzini’s salumi.


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