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Product’s quality does not only consist in a tremendous flavour, but also in being natural and healthy for the widest public. Therefore, all of our products are allergen free* and do not contain sources of gluten, as well as genetically modified organisms, added milk protein or lactose.

Our commitment in offering the best quality both of our products and of customer relationship is qualified by international certifications.

Fratelli Manzini is in fact one of the first Italian food companies that integrated the HACCP system with the ISO 9001 certification in 1996. Nowadays, it is complies to the following certification standards:

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 sets up a Quality Management System which allows company’s processes to be managed effectively and efficiently and to be directed to continuous improvement and  customer’s satisfaction.

We are certified since 1996.

IFS Food

International Featured Standard is a set of standards which aim to ease trade channel globalization and to satisfy customers’ high expectations of  product safety by setting up a common set of requirements on quality management, production process safety and product safety.

Fratelli Manzini complies to IFS Food version 6.1 on Higher Level, the strictest certification level, thus offering international retailers, wholesalers and customers the higher level of safety and reliability.

We are certified IFS Food since 2007.

BRC Global Standard for Food Safety

British Retail Consortium created Global Standards for Food Safety in order to specify quality, safety and operative criteria for the food industry. It encompasses all the company’s systems, including Quality Management System and HACCP System.

Fratelli Manzini complies to BRC Food Issue 8 since 2006.

Export authorization

Fratelli Manzini’s salumi are appreciated world widely and its exportations cover Europe, Hong Kong and Japan.


* as stated in annex III bis, EU Directive nr. 13 dated 20/03/2000 and subsequent modifications.


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