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Pancetta Magretta

Pancetta Magretta derives from finely defatted, trimmed, skinned and rolled pancetta. Gently spiced, tied in elastic thread and seasoned to give it its own character, Pancetta Magretta is designed for those who appreciate the typical notes of traditional pancetta, in a much leaner and lighter version.

For those who like a stronger taste, the spicy version brings a hot pepper note to the palate.

Pancetta Magretta

Product Code: 104800

Vacuum packed

Product Code: 104802

Half cut vacuum packed

Product Code: 1084

1/4 cut vacuum packed

Product Code: 104818


Magretta Piccante

Product Code: 104807

Vacuum packed

Product Code: 104808

Half cut vacuum packed

Product Code: 104806

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