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Rolled pancetta without rind

Like pancetta with rind, it is rolled up so that the external fat preserves the lean part and makes it tasty and soft.

The “Brunetta” variant is covered with black pepper, which characterizes its smell and aroma in an unmistakable way. The “Piccantina”, on the other hand, brings back the typical notes of chilli.

Pancetta s/c

Product Code: 1087

Vacuum packed

Product Code: 1064

Half cut vacuum packed

Product Code: 1083


Pancetta s/c Brunetta

Product Code: 105230

Vacuum packed

Product Code: 105232

Half cut vacuum packed

Product Code: 105233


Pancetta s/c Piccantina

Product Code: 105240

Vacuum packed

Product Code: 105244

Half cut vacuum packed

Product Code: 105243


Pancetta s/c steccata

Product Code: 107807

Intero sottovuoto

Cod. Prodotto: 1064

Metà sottovuoto

Cod. Prodotto: 1083

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